Ongoing research

Currently, I am working on some papers in different stages of progress. If you are interested in any of them, send me an email and I will send you the manuscript.

  • Economic Shocks and Fiscal Policy Preferences: Evidence from COVID-19 in Spain (with Alexander Kuo). Invited to Revise and Resubmit
  • Compulsory civic duty and political participation (with Joaquín Artés).
  • Roads, connectivity and voting (with Joaquín Artés and Fernando de la Cuesta).
  • Globalization and satisfaction with democracy.
  • Who Gets the Pork? The Political Geography of Distributive Benefits.

Journal Articles

Retrospective Voting under Supranational Constraints (with Pablo Fernández-Vázquez). Accepted for publication in Electoral Studies (2022).

Daring to Fail: Supranational Constraints and Input-Oriented Voting (with Nikitas Konstantinidis and Elias Dinas). European Journal of Political Research (2022).

Economic perceptions and attitudes towards the European Union: a survey experiment. European Union Politics (2022).

Shaping post-withdrawal relations with a leaving state: Brexit dilemmas and public opinion (with Sandra León and Stefanie Walter). International Organization (2021).

Economic Crisis and Attitudes Towards Democracy: How Ideology Moderates Reactions to Economic Downturn (with Rosa M. Navarrete). Frontiers in Political Science, Vol 3, 2021.

The Europeanization of national elections. The role of country characteristics in shaping EU issue voting (with Rosa M. Navarrete). Electoral Studies, Vol. 71 (June), 2021.

Economic globalization and decentralization: a centrifugal or centripetal relationship? (with Sandra León). Governance, 34 (3), pp. 665-686. (2020). Paper awarded with the 2020 prize of the Institut d’Estudis d’Autogovern (IEA) to best article published in Territorial Politics.

Keeping the euro at any cost? Explaining attitudes toward the euro-austerity trade-off in Greece (with Stefanie Walter, Nikitas Konstantinidis, and Elias Dinas). European Union Politics. Vol 21, pp. 383–405, (2020).

One or Two Arenas? The Break-up between National and Regional Elections (with Francesc Amat and Sandra León). (2020). Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties. Vol 30 (3), pp 275-296.

Geography Matters: The Conditional Effect of Electoral Systems on Social Spending (with Sandra León). British Journal of Political Science. (2019). DOI:

Non-cooperation by popular vote: Expectations, foreign intervention, and the vote in the 2015 Greek bailout referendum. (with Stefanie Walter, Elias Dinas, and Nikitas Konstantinidis). International Organization 72 (4), pp. 969–994. 2018. 

Government Fragmentation and Fiscal Deficits: A Regression Discontinuity Approach (with Joaquín Artés). 2018. Public Choice, 175, 3-4, pp. 367–391. Paper awarded with the Alexandre Pedrós Prize to best paper in the XXI Spanish Public Economics Meeting, 2014.

Passing the Buck? Responsibility attribution and cognitive bias in multilevel democracies (with Sandra Leon and Amuitz Garmendia-Madariaga). West European Politics. 41 (3), 2018: 660-682.

The effect of valence and ideology in campaign conversion: panel evidence from three Spanish General Elections (with Enrique García-Viñuela and Pedro Riera). Public Choice 175.1-2 (2018): 155-179.

Economic Crises and the Nationalization of Politics (with Sandra León). European Journal of Political Research. 56 (4), 2017: 777-800. DOI: 10.1111/1475-6765.12198

Allocating Campaign Effort in Spain: Evidence from Four General Elections (with Enrique García-Viñuela and Pedro Riera). South European Society and Politics. Vol. 21 (2). 243–262. 2016.

Strategic Voting and Non-Voting in Spanish ElectionsParty Politics  September 2015, vol. 21 (5) 738-749. (with Enrique García-Viñuela and Joaquín Artés).

Party System Nationalisation and Social SpendingEuropean Journal of Political Research, 53(2), 288-307.(2014)

Minority Governments and Budget Deficits: The Role of the Opposition. European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 27 (3),  September 2011, Pages 554–565. (with Albert Falcó-Gimeno).

Chapters in Books

(2015) Fiscal Deficits and Type of Government: A Study of Spanish Local Elections. In ‘Political Economy of Governance: Institutions and Elections’, eds., N. Schofield and G. Caballero. Springer International Publishing (with Joaquín Artés).

Published Working Papers

(2009) A Political Theory of Decentralization DynamicsJuan March Institute Working Paper Series 248. (with Francesc Amat and Sandra León).

(2008) A Political Look into Budget Deficits. The Role of Minority Governments and Oppositions. Documentos de Trabajo FUNCAS 464. (with Albert Falcó-Gimeno).

Articles in Spanish

(2013) Políticas sociales, concentración geográfica y sistemas electorales.  Cuadernos Económicos del ICE 85: 123-142. (with Sandra León).

(2012) Actitudes, uso y propuestas sobre el sistema sanitario español. Encuentros Interdisciplinares 14 (41): 37–47.

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